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Candies, as Seen by a Dentist


Many children grow up hearing a dozen times a week how bad candies are for their teeth. It is partly true that sucking on candies all day long is like an extended sugary bath for the mouth, and sugar is… Read more »

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Chewing Gum Pros and Cons from a Dentistry Point of View


Chewing gum in its various forms has probably been around ever since humans started chewing. The need to chew most probably came from an urge to satisfy thirst. The first chewing gums were naturally occurring materials such as thickened resin… Read more »

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Vitamin D and Dental Caries Prevention


It is today’s unfortunate tendency that people spend less time outdoors and even when they do, they make constant use of sunscreen. The skin needs protection from the potentially damaging effects of UV radiation, but it also needs the beneficial… Read more »

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Questions and Answers on Basic Oral Health Care


Though the public awareness of the importance of keeping correct dental hygiene is on the rise, it is still important to go back time and again to the basics, to clarify notions and concepts that can be considered well-understood, but… Read more »

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Dentistry History – When did We Start Brushing, Flossing and Using Toothpaste?


The question is a little tricky, as the answer depends very much on whom do we define by “we”. If “we” are us, all humans, then it can be said that brushing, flossing and toothpaste have been with us since… Read more »

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Healthy Dietary Habits during Childhood lead to the Bright Smile of Adulthood

Healthy Eating

Oral health care is more than just daily brushing, flossing and periodical visits to the dentist. Dietary habits have a significant impact on the health of the teeth and that of the entire body. It is essential that parents help… Read more »

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Dentistry Procedures made Transparent – Root Canal Treatment


Often referred to as endodontics, root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat bacterial infection at the root canal system of the tooth. Such infection is caused by bacteria that normally lives in the human mouth, but for… Read more »

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The Mechanism behind Tooth Enamel Strength


Did you ever wonder how was it possible for human teeth to stay almost intact and entirely functional after years of usage, meaning hundreds of hours of chewing and biting? It might seem as the most natural thing, since we… Read more »

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Pearly Whites – Too Precious to be Damaged by Imprudent Acts


A beautiful, healthy smile is a treasure that should be treated and respected as such. Unfortunately it is a relatively frequent tendency that people with strong, massive teeth use their teeth as tools for can or other package opening, or… Read more »

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Childhood Oral Health Troublemakers


Milk teeth and childhood oral care are often underrated. In case you omit taking the right measures since an early age, the future smile of your child will lack the brightness and radiance it could otherwise show.  To make sure… Read more »

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